Itagh Consultig Group



Paper (in spanisch)

Water provision in cities and rural areas is one of the urgent topics in emerging countries. So main activities are particularly directed to studies, projects and implementation of drinking, industrial and irrigation water supplies.

Modern water and environmental management as well as consulting in landscape-ecological questions for preservation and amplification of traditional water using concepts and biological wastewater treatment are further activity fields. To obtain sustainability in management of available water resources, long-term conceptions, adapted to local conditions, are preferably applied.

Design and implementation of the projects are realised by adapted and environment preserving technologies.

Special technologies are applied, such as: horizontal drainage, ground-water recharge, natural filtering systems and restoration in hydraulic engineering; droplet irrigation for recultivation and desertification combat; infiltration systems and biological purification systems in waste water treatment; solar techniques in pumping systems, hot water providing, cooking and heating.