Itagh Consultig Group

Ground Water Prospecting

In a world of fast growing populations, increasing desertification and soil erosion  and marked by the effects of global warming and leak of water, ground water prospection and -provision always has been a main firm activity.

ICG has conducted  many ground water programs and projects to get access to clean and uncontaminated water sources for cities and in rural areas.

Our sistems of  horizontal and regulable drainages for natural filtered groundwater captacions (DLHVR) have been implemented for water provision in many of  cities in  Argentine and for projects in Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil and have  replaced old wells or superficial water captures.

To find new and apted groundwater resources experimented hidrogeological exploration methods are used and combined.

In existing wells, borehole geophysics and pump tests can help to improve production rates and prolong theexploration life.

Services for ground water prospecting include:
    * Hidrogeological mapping
    * Geoelectric with alternating current
    * Pump tests
    * Sedimentologic analisis
    * Well  survey